It’s fascinating to consider that all the gold the world will ever mine exists at this very moment. It doesn’t need to be created in a laboratory or dropped from outer space.  Rather, it is simply there waiting to be discovered. One could say the same thing about the information you need to elevate your business to a future without precedent. It is on a report, nestled into a spreadsheet, or perhaps merely resting in one employee’s head. However, it is there nonetheless, waiting for you to discover it.

The Art of Mining

Business Intelligence is an art really as much as it is technology and science. Thankfully for the modern leader, this art will allow you to mine the depths of your organization for this prized data. It is unbelievable that more organizations have yet to jump on board the gold rush that is Business Intelligence. Remarkable even that many leaders will acknowledge the rich data that exists, but struggle to make sense of it or to see a role for it.

Unprecedented Flexibility

Trends in Business Intelligence are moving those organizations who embrace it towards the position of being the most nimble in the market. Effective Business Intelligence provides information that is actionable at all levels of an effective organization. Think of it this way: Wouldn’t it really help a mining expedition if everyone on the team knew what gold looked like and not just the head honcho?

Actions That Matter

The truth is, today’s emerging workforce has grown up in a world of data. For them, social data has always been on public display and they might surprise you how well they read it. Business Intelligence is heading in a direction that embraces this as it seeks to identify items that trend before the public is even aware they exist. Business Intelligence leads to actions that matter. Actions that will break through barriers, outmaneuver the competition, and namely, find you the gold.

The Bold Finds the Gold

It’s there. When you walk in your office or log in to your computer, you will be surrounded by it. If you allow the art of Business Intelligence to put it together, then it won’t be long before you have your Eureka moment. Because if the trends of Business Intelligence tell us anything, it is that your competition is in hot pursuit of their own gold as well. And if the data leads them there, they will take your gold too. Data and Business Intelligence is the gold rush of our generation, and missing out on it only leads to lost opportunities and competitive disadvantages.