Client Success Story

“Northwest EIS is our go-to partner for making our Sales Performance Management run. They have excellent project managers, architects, and technicians. We brought them in to help our team and the vendor optimize the application. We could not have had a successful rollout without them.”

- IT Director
Farmers Insurance


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Sales Management

Northwest EIS-OLAP gives you the information you need to maximize revenue. We help you pinpoint which of your customers are most valuable to your bottom line. Conversely, we show you how to detect which customers cause your organization to lose money. We have the tools and skills to help executives understand their entire sales picture.


Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is a complex, highly detailed task that affects every part of your organization. Northwest EIS-OLAP takes a look at your industry, your competition, and the overall economic climate to give you the ability to plan effectively.

Sales Performance Management

You’re making sales, but are you achieving the highest possible sales volume? Northwest EIS-OLAP helps your sales team in a myriad of ways. From quota planning, to territory alignment and management, to incentive compensation management, we have the resources to get the most out of your sales force, and to help you get the most out of each and every sale.

Modeling and Scenario Analysis

Managing the unknown to get more clarity is what modeling and scenario analysis are all about. The top organizations in the world use scenario modeling as an important part of their overall financial planning process. As the economy, your industry, and your company itself change, you can use modeling and scenario analysis to stay ahead of the curve—both literally and figuratively.

Reporting and Analysis

We can give you hard data on your sales productivity in coherent, actionable formats. Instead of providing you with scores of disconnected spreadsheets, we synthesize the information so you can make sense of your numbers. This gives you the deep-level insights you need to make practical financial decisions.